The Libra Foundation

2012 Fall General Grants (A-G)

As You Sow
$30,000  San Francisco, CA
For general support of the organization’s work in energy, environmental health, waste and human rights to alleviate social injustice and mitigate climate change impacts.

Center for Biological Diversity
$20,000 Tucson, AZ
To enable the Climate Law Institute to promote a national biodiversity strategy for global warming, implement existing environmental laws, support science-based climate policy and legislation, and promote an expansive vision for long-term climate solutions.

Center for Neighborhood Technology
$20,000 Chicago, IL
To move environmental sustainability in the Chicago region from the cutting edge to the mainstream by giving people more transportation options to lower their cost of living, making buildings more energy efficient, protecting our water by treating it as an asset rather than a waste product, and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Ceres, Inc.
$25,000  Boston, MA
For continued support of the organization’s work to monitor implementation of SEC guidelines on climate risk and advance disclosure by leveraging the power of investors to advocate for stronger corporate responsibility on environmental, social and governance issues.

Children and Family Justice Center
$75,000  Chicago, IL
For continued support of the Illinois Coalition for Fair Sentencing of Children which seeks to end the practice of sentencing juveniles to life in prison without the possibility of parole.

Environmental Health Coalition
$25,000  National City, CA
For continued support of the Green Energy and Good Jobs Campaign which works to reduce carbon emissions, promote sustainable energy and foster a green economy in primarily low income communities of color in Southern California.

Environmental Law & Policy Center
$50,000  Chicago, IL
For support of the Global Warming Solutions Project which works to reduce Illinois’ and the Midwest’s greenhouse gas pollution through approaches that simultaneously advance environmental progress and economic development.

EarthRights International
$75,000 Washington, DC
For support of the Legal Program and capacity building to engage in high-impact litigation against multi-national corporations to hold them accountable for human rights and environmental harms while also working to strengthen domestic and international corporate accountability laws.

Global Greengrants Fund
$100,000  Boulder, CO
The first installment of three for the Campaign to Seed Change and continued general operating support to empower local environmental leaders to make small grants to grassroots groups in developing countries.

Grassroots International
$20,000  Boston, MA
To support movements of women, rural and indigenous people around the world in their struggle for resource rights—the human rights to a fair share of the earth’s land, water and food and the environmentally sustainable stewardship of these life-giving resources.

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